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Brad’s Electronics Home and Business Installation

Brad’s Electronics has over 15 years of experience in the electronics industry throughout the southeast region. We are not simply your local Certified Satellite Internet Dealer but also a one-stop-shop for all of your electronics needs. Our services include: TV and Audio Installation Custom Wiring Security System Installation Outdoor Installation Home Theater & Surround Sound […]

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High Speed Internet Rural Area

High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas

Living rurally is truly calming and peaceful; it had just about everything you could ever want except a slow, dial-up Internet connection. Sometimes it can be absolutely infuriating, waiting for everything to load. Have you seen the recent string of commercials about things to do while buffering? They are hilarious! The couple does puzzles, origami, […]

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HughesNet Status Meter

What is the HughesNet Status Meter

We’ve heard the HughesNet Status Meter called many things but the best way to think of the HughesNet Status Meter is like a fuel gauge for your HughesNet Data Allowance especially if you love to stream Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, and Pandora. Even though Skype, Google Chat, and FaceTime are compatible with HughesNet Gen4 technologies, streaming […]

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Brad’s Electronics Wins National Award at HughesNet 2015 Convention for being the HughesNet Certified Dealer with the Lowest Churn with the Most Subscribers

Brad’s Electronics Wins National Award at 2015 Convention

In July, Brad’s Electronics traveled to Charleston, South Carolina for the HughesNet National Convention. During the awards ceremony on the 17th, we were surprised by winning the 2015 HughesNet National Award for being the Certified Dealer with the Lowest Churn with the Most Subscribers. You may not realize that your local Brad’s Electronics is part […]

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Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite

How Does Satellite Internet Work

Satellite internet has revolutionized the way we view internet connectivity. We no longer have to be dependent on a phone line or cable TV connection for internet service. Internet users in rural areas stand to benefit the most. So, how does satellite internet work? Here is a detailed look at it. Primary Components of Satellite […]

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Satellite in Space

Satellite Internet Services in Mississippi

People need internet access for work, entertainment, booking tickets, making reservations and so on. The speed and reliability of the internet connection play an important role in its functionality. Satellite internet is the next generation of internet connectivity. This internet service provides high data speed by using geostationary satellites. A number of excellent satellite internet […]

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Satellite Internet in Rural Area

Satellite Internet for Rural Areas

Internet technology has been advancing at the rate of knots. We do not think twice before streaming live TV, the latest movies on NetFlix or even watching live sports/events on our laptops, tablets or smartphones. All this has been made possible with high-speed broadband internet. In the process, we ignore or rather take for granted […]

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Announcing Genie

DirecTV Unbottles Wireless Genie Device

DirecTV unbottled the new Wireless Genie Mini (WGM) device that receives live TV and DVR access in the home wirelessly to subscribers in the US. The small video client connects to DirecTV’s central whole-home Genie system via a secure WiFi connection, helping to eliminate excessive wiring. Wireless Genie Minis, launched in April, offer full HD-DVR […]

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Dish Calls Comcast-TWC Merger ‘Eerily Similar’ to Primestar

Satellite television provider Dish Network filed a petition asking The Federal CC (FCC) to block Comcast-Time Warner cable merger. In the 200 page petition, Dish urged regulators to reject the $45 billon deal claiming it would hinder the country’s television and broadband markets and citing an eerie resemblance of Primestar. PrimeStar is a former direct broadcast […]

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