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Bundle: HughesNet and DIRECTV soon

Bundle your HughesNet® and DIRECTV® Soon

Here is another common question we as satellite installers get asked about. About 5-10 times a month people ask “do I need two satellite dishes for HughesNet Internet and DIRECTV?” Yes, you will need separate dishes for both of these services. This was not always the case however. Up until a couple of years ago you could get your tv signal using your Satellite Internet HughesNet dish. Then things got complicated with DIRECTV’s KA/KU system, then the DIRECTV SWiM system. Well the installation got a whole lot easier “especially for DVR’s”, but the way the system works when receiving the signal got more complicated. Maybe we cannot help you get Satellite Internet and High Definition DIRECTV from the same dish, but soon we can help make your life easier by only having to pay one bill for both services.

DIRECTV and HughesNet Dish
This is the old Direcway and DIRECTV setup. We have come a long way since then.

DIRECTV has announced customers will soon be able to bundle their satellite television service with the new HughesNet Gen4 service that will be available to customers later this year: DIRECTV Video & High-Speed Internet Bundles Available Soon throughout the Entire U.S. DIRECTV has not announced as of yet what the details of the deals will be, but this is definitely one thing that customers have wanted to do for years. will be able to provide this bundle package for our customers.

HughesNet has not released any information about pricing and speeds on the Gen4 service yet. The press release from DIRECTV says speeds will be over 10Mbps so we will see how this will affect customers who are in rural parts of the U.S. ability to receive the benefits of a super-fast internet connection. Just imagine being able to get the latest Blockbuster movie releases,or Netflix instantly from a satellite internet connection. HughesNet says it will be possible with faster speeds and a higher download captivity.

Another piece of good news is the new Gen4 service will only require one coax cable. Many times customers would have their house pre-wired for when it was built with only one coax wire in each room. Up until now the HughesNet installation required two cables. Unfortunately sometimes we would have to re-wire or put the modem in a location the customer was not planning on. Thankfully with the ease of installation the new system promises we will no longer have to do this.

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