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Things That Make Rural Living Easier

Rural Living Is Easier With High-Speed Internet Connection, A Reliable Vehicle, and These Tips Living in the city has its perks, but the hustle and bustle is not for everyone.  If you enjoy the city lifestyle, then urban living is for you. However, if you have some hesitations and you’re wondering what the grass looks […]

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Choosing the Right Satellite Internet Plan

Not having internet service in this day and age is akin to living under a rock.  Everyone communicates through the internet, from work emails to Facebook posts inviting you to come to an event.  It’s indispensable in anyone’s everyday life, but that doesn’t translate to people knowing which providers offer better services. Some don’t even know how […]

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best satellite internet for rural areas

Why We Love Technology

At Brad’s Electronics, we strive to offer the best satellite internet for rural areas and the latest in entertainment needs. With these tools, you have access to the latest in technology to improve your life at home and at work. Here are just a few reasons why we love technology at Brad’s Electronics. Improve Your […]

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dish network benefits

Meet The Hopper

If you’ve heard of Dish Network, chances are you’ve heard of the Hopper, one of the best Dish Network benefits for customers.  The Hopper is well known by name, but what does it really do, and what makes it so great?  We have your answers right here. Explore Dish Network Benefits Come with The Hopper […]

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rural internet services

Camping Trip in California? You Can Take Your Work With You Thanks to Satellite Internet

Camping could be your favorite past time, but you usually opt for hotels because you can’t risk missing something important at work.  If this sounds like you, you no longer need to deprive yourself of the great outdoors.  There is a way to stay connected, even when you’re remote.  These lodges offer a rustic experience […]

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