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HughesNet Gen4 Brings High Speed Internet Anywhere

HughesNet® Gen4 Satellite Internet is a new innovative way to connect to the World Wide Web. Using satellite technology, HughesNet provides high-speed internet connections that are accessible to anyone in the contiguous United States. HughesNet Gen4 is a product of Hughes Network Systems, LLC who has been a leader in the broadband satellite network solutions for over 30 years. Enjoy faster web browsing and file downloading than ever before.

Unlike dial-up modems, satellite internet does not require a telephone line so customers may simultaneously browse the internet and use the telephone. HughesNet Gen4 is able to bring high-speed internet to areas that DSL and Cable internet connections are unable to reach. A trained HughesNet installation specialist will create a connection between your home computer and a satellite modem that is linked to a satellite dish. The satellite dish, usually placed on the roof of the home, transmits information to and delivers lightning fast internet.

HughesNet Gen4 offers three different plans: , Power Pro and Power. , the fastest of the tree, downloads files at 15 megabits per second. Power Pro downloads files at 10 Mbps and the basic package, Power, downloads files at 10 Mbps. Each plan also offers impressive upload speeds with the and power Pro plans boasting up to 2 megabits per second. While the basic Power package features an upload speed of 1 Mbps.

Another benefit offered by HughesNet Gen4 is unprecedented customer service. Both customer care and technical help are available 24/7. Help is available via online chat, email support and over the phone. The customer service website allows you to view the amount of bandwidth you have used, view and pay your bill and schedule downloads between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. when they offer 50% faster downloading as a bonus to their customers.

Other bonuses include blog design assistance and spam and virus protection. HughesNet Gen4 offers tools to assist with homepage customization and blog creation. Additionally, HughesNet Gen4 offers protection against viruses, phishing, spam and worms. HughesNet Gen4 satellite internet is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems including Windows 7, Vista, and XP as well as Mac 10.1 or higher. All your computer will need to have is an Ethernet connection or a wireless connection and a wireless router.

Incredible download speeds, fast uploads, and speedy web browsing are just a few of the benefits of HughesNet Gen4 satellite internet. Contact a HughesNet Gen4 agent at Brad’s Electronics to have high speed internet anywhere and make the switch today at 1-855-663-8200.

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